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Motivation Essay Free essay! Download now

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Motivation Essay

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Motivation Essay essay previewMotivation Essay essay preview


Motivation essay for Management theories course, 3rd year student in business university 2013


Management Theories
Motivations essence consists of human’s needs and desires. If there is a need then eventually it will convert into a desire. Motivation theories were formed in the 19th and 20th centuries and their founder was F. Taylor . This essay will define motivation at work and show if leadership is linked to understanding of motivation by looking through examples of today’s industry.
One of the first scientists that researched human needs was Abraham Maslow. His Hierarchy of needs theory is one of the most common motivation theories. While creating his motivational theory Maslow admitted that humans have plenty of different demands, but he also thought that those demands can be connected into groups. Maslow from a whole abundance of human needs separated five, when the bottom needs are fulfilled then a human concerns about the upper one and it goes that way until he reaches the top.
Another motivation based on needs was created by Frederic Hercberg and was called the Dual Factor theory. It was basically separated into two groups – Motivating factors - (These contribute to job satisfaction and are related to the actual job itself) and the Hygiene factors - (Those that prevent someone from being dissatisfied but do not contribute to job satisfaction).
Work motivation is linked with career stages. Often motivation vanishes when an employee reaches the middle of his career. A very important motivation element is impression which a person gets when he comes to work in a new place. The Impression can be positive or negative and it depends on the form of employment. It is important to well inform the person about future work, give him a hand during the first days of his work. He needs to be taken care of but you also need to be sure that that care will not transform into a permanent one. When a new employee enters an organisation basically he is interested in his future salary and career opportunities. In addition if a job is not perspective then the ant motivational factor comes out. It has been proven by research that after an employee spends five to six years in one workplace his satisfaction about his performed work goes down rapidly. That also affects the quality of the work that has been done or will be done in the future.
An employee whose basic needs are not satisfied is going to be passive during the work. Active worker will be that one, who will have dissatisfied needs, because he has the opportunity to satisfy them during his work. If he can’t satisfy them during the work that means that he does not have motivation to work. A leader should be greatly familiar with the ...

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