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First Travel business analysis Free essay! Download now

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First Travel business analysis

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First Travel business analysis essay previewFirst Travel business analysis essay preview


First Travel business analysis


1.0 Introduction, Project Research & Analysis

1.1 Background on ĎFirst Travelí
First Travel is an Atoll bounded tour operator, based in Eastcote (Middlesex). The aim of the company is to organise tailorĖmade holidays for their customers. Mr Jones (aged 52) owns this family run company, specializing in family holidays and city breaks. Mr Jones has been running the company for under a year, in a traditional manner (without the use of computers) he has realised that this is too time consuming, and therefore he would like to computerise some of the processes within his company. He asked me to explore different alternatives of computerising some of the manual processes in a safe and secure manner.

1.2 Research and Investigation
To help me asses the businessís current situation and to understand what Mr Jones would like in his new system I asked Mr Jones for an interview (see Appendix A for interview notes), and I also created a questionnaire for customers to fill in (see Appendix B for completed questionnaire). From the interview and questionnaire I have ascertained that Mr Jones, his part time staff and customers believe the current manual system is slow and unreliable (as sometimes customers donít receive their tickets on time). Sometimes Mr Jones canít pinpoint how much money is outstanding for forthcoming holidays, pending payment and he has to go through many manual files to work out the amount due.

1.3 Current Problems
The current paper based system, is slow and irksome. However there are a few more important problems. Customerís information (address and telephone number) are currently stored within the shop and there is no security whatsoever to protect this information. Using a computerised system will hopefully eradicate this problem, with the use of passwords. Secondly the financial side of the current business is in jeopardy. Sometimes Mr Jones canít pinpoint how much money is outstanding for forthcoming holidays, pending payment and he has to go through many manual files to work out the amount due.

1.4 Outcome of Research
Therefore the outcome of my research was to reduce time spent on admin and making sure the customers receive their tickets on time. This would be effective as currently First Travel spends thirty five minutes on each sale, with the computerised system they could reduce this time and therefore more sales could be made within the working day. One of his customers in the questionnaire mentioned that overnight, Mr Jones should leave a voicemail service for any customers that were booking after the closing time. I decided to design a logo for First Travel as this helps their customers to immediately identify with the company. Also to improve the following processes:

To store customer details
To automatically creating an invoice
To create ...

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