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Feasibility Report Free essay! Download now

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Feasibility Report

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 324 | Submitted: 29-Mar-2011
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Feasibility Report essay previewFeasibility Report essay preview


Feasibility Report


Feasibility Report

FINANCE: Finance forms the frame of any business .Up to date knowledge about the business is a must hence good understanding has to be developed to deal with this section of the business. The business has to be financially sound to sustain and prosper in the business. All the factors associated with the business plan is connected to the finance of the business. And business loses its meaning without source of finance .It is the nut and bolt of the business.
MARKETING: A product is nothing without proper marketing; it gives identity to the product. It is one of the most important factors to shape the product. It can shape or break the product identity. Thus, proper marketing studies is required for a business to be successful. It adds value to the product. Techniques of marketing should be innovative and flexible i.e. it should not be constraint.
TRAINING: A business plan with out proper management background will collapse before standing. Traning helps in understanding and shaping the business venture. It helps understand business in better and practical way.Training should not be confined to education only it should include practical knowledge and be prompt in taking and decision relating to the business plan.
TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT: Upto date knowledge about the technology is very important because there many innovation which are happening day by day so the the business should be in tune to the new technology. Identification of the technology is the key to survive in the business. The labours should be well acquainted with the technology to survive among the competitors in the market.
MANAGEMENT OF THE LABOUR: identification of the location of labour and training the labour is important from the point of the manufacturing product. The number of labour and skills need to be mentioned .The labours have to be efficiently managed to avoid chaos so the business run smooth

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