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The scourge of corruption and white-collar crimes has become a cause of serious concern. Corruption is a menace that can never be eliminated completely from society. Some traces of corruption always exist in every society. The extent of such corruption in each is inversely proportional to the level of justice, accountability and indiscriminate application of law. As long as injustice and poverty prevail one cannot hope to eradicate corruption. A society based on the rule of law and equality caters for the genuine needs and wants of its members. But a society where the rule of law is absent, the vacuum is filled by the rule of nuisance value. The rights, privileges and respect in such a society depend upon how much you can browbeat a man or woman. One may acquire an official position by virtue of which one is able to cause harm to others or to give them favour and advantage.

Corruption inducted by the government functionaries or the corporate managers damages both national character and the economy. But what hurts the common man is the bribery he confronts at every step. He is required to pay not to get an undue advantage but more often, just to avoid harassment, injustice or delay. Thus it has become extortion – ever worse than bribe. Tragically, bribe is no longer viewed as a perversion of integrity. It is a necessity or need for both its giver and taker. For its wide gamut and many forms, the pithiest definition of corruption one come across is “the abuse of public office for private gain”. Corruption has become a way of life and it permeates every segment of our society. It is not endemic to the public sector alone but extends to private life as well. Defining corruption as a disease is wrong since it really is a symptom of a wider malaise. It is now a pervasive evil.

Corruption prevails all over the world equally in developed and developing countries. The level of corruption may vary between developed and developing countries but it cannot be restricted only to the developing and poor countries. The series of scandals surfaced recently in the United States indicate that corporate leaders can also be spectacularly corrupt. The intricate and much touted regulatory system that oversaw the working of the American corporations turned out not to be strong enough to prevent Enron, Global Crossing, Tyco and WorldCom from indulging in immensely corrupt practices and for a reputable accounting firm Anderson to sanction them. The crimes committed by these corporations were big and punishable. So corruption is not unique to the developing world. It is clearly understood that any deviation from the conduct or behaviour permitted ...

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