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Cadbury Business Ethics Free essay! Download now

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Cadbury Business Ethics

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Cadbury Business Ethics essay previewCadbury Business Ethics essay previewCadbury Business Ethics essay preview


An analysis of the Business Ethics of the Cadbury Schweppes company



Cadbury Plc was formed by a demerger in May 2008 from what was then Cadbury Schweppes Plc.

Cadbury Schweppes Plc was formed by a merger in 1969 between Cadbury and Schweppes. Since that time, the company expanded to be a leading international confectionary and beverages business, with revenue in 2008 posted as £5,834 million.

The firm’s history began in 1824 when John Cadbury began selling tea, coffee and drinking chocolate which he produced in Birmingham. At this time, drinking chocolate and cocoa became very popular. The business was taken over in 1861 by John Cadburys sons, Richard and George. The two brothers acquired the Bournbrook estate in 1878, renamed it Bournville, and opened the Bournville factory in 1879. In 1893 George Cadbury bough 120 acres of land close to the factory, and at his own expense he planned a model village which would alleviate the ‘evils of modern more cramped living conditions’ for his factory workers, typical of the time. By 1900 the estate included 313 cottages and houses on 330 acres of land. The Cadbury Company treated employees with respect and care for their welfare. The Bourneville site was always more than just a factory having extensive amenities such as housing, sports facilities and parks for the benefit of the factory workers and their families.

The Cadbury family were Quakers, for that reason, there were no Pubs in the estate; in fact, it was their Quaker beliefs that lead them to sell tea, coffee and drinking chocolate as alternatives to alcohol. The Quakers promote justice, equality and social reform, the legacy of these ideals informs Cadbury culture today and unites its many businesses around the world who uphold this heritage and act in an ethical manner.

Cadburys Corporate Social Responsibility.

There are three main areas to the corporate social responsibility programme at Cadbury, these are:

Cocoa Sourcing Commitments
Environmental Commitments
The Cadbury Foundation

The Cocoa Sourcing Commitment:

All of the cocoa used at Cadbury is sourced in a sustainable manner, this is underpinned by the ‘Cadbury Cocoa Partnership’ and the ‘Fairtrade’ mark. Cadbury considers that guaranteeing a long term, sustainable cocoa yield is vital to the success of the business and that the cocoa is produced to a high quality and ethical standard expected by Cadbury, the retailers who sell and consumers who eat the products. The Cadbury Cocoa Partnership is an investment strategy aimed to help secure the economic, social and environmental sustainability of approximately one million cocoa farmers and their communities.
The Cadbury Cocoa Partnership has four key goals:

Improve farmer incomes by helping farms to increase their yields and produce top quality beans.
Introduce new sources of rural income through microfinance and business support to kick start new rural businesses and introduce income streams such ...

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