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Business Law

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Business Law Term Paper


Business Ethics
Business Law

Ethics are something that we in some way or another and especially as working adults have either faced or will face at one point in our lives. When dealing with ethics it comes down to the choices and decisions that people and organizations make that affect others. Now whether itís for personal gain or to move a corporation along its solely dependent on the circumstance. For example usually when you hear about unethical practices you hear about issues in the work place. These issues can range from employees lacking decent health insurance to not getting their annual raises due to some foreseeable background issue within the company that was orchestrated by the executive level management to keep their bonus. Although you may say this is not illegal. There is still the question of whether itís ethical or not. There are a lot of different types of this.
Business abuse and theft in the work place is an ethical issue that a lot of employees have to deal with and employers fail to address. A lot of individuals that work feel as if they arenít paid enough for what they do. In other words they feel under appreciated. This feeling of underapreciation in the workplace can cause a lot of problems especially when dealing with employees and employers who lack the integrity to do whatís right. For example, a lot of employees that feel that they are not compensated enough tend to slack off an underperform their job duties. They operate with a lower moral compass and this in turn can make them feel as if they have to strike back at the company or make up for their lack of pay in other ways. One of these ways is the stealing of company goods and over use of items appointed to them. Stealing doesnít have to be nessasarily taking items from the work place to home. Employees can steal in a number of ways. For example, employees can use the copier/fax machine for personal use, making personal local or long distance calls with the company land lines or cell phones, taking office items such as boxes of pens, paper clips, and staples, or not honestly logging youíre in out and out times at work.
Even though when looked at in the short term these ways of stealing might not seem that big of a deal ...

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