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behavior skills Free essay! Download now

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behavior skills

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behavior skills  essay previewbehavior skills  essay previewbehavior skills  essay preview


this essay demonstrates behaviour skills


This report talks about the Faboil Ltd, which has evolved into a relatively successful organization within the biotechnology field. Dr Brownlow is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Faboil Ltd. Richard Cranberry is the Director of Biotechnology and leading his three projecting team, the team leader are Ian Campbell, Carole Devlin, and Joanne Cassidy. Fred Windows is the Financial Director. Brenda Frame is the Chief Scientific Officer, and work closely with Richardís team. Judith Smythe is the Sales & Marketing Director, and the company provides a leadership course for him and Brenda.

Richard Cranberry has faild to understand his role as manager when delegating work to his team. Using at one theoristís wor, analyse Richardís managerial roles.

The management role
Henry Minzberg-the nature of managerial work (Harper Row, 1973)
He identified 10 roles at common works of all managers into three groups
Interpersonal Roles:
Ensure that information is provided.
Information Roles:
Link all managerial work tegether.
Decisional Roles
Make significant use of the information
Disturbance handler
Resource allocator
The in the Faboil Ltd use the management role
The leader role defines the relationship between the manager and employees. The leadership is apart to two aspects, directive and participative.
The fact in the Faboil Ltd
Brenda and Judith were sent on a leadership course run by a large, successful UK training company. And Richard did not refer to this kind of course, so he is lack of the leadership. He do not know how to manage the participative and directive during management.
The suggestions for the Richard
He should improve the ability to quickly spread and communicate information. When decision making, put more emphasis on average allocating job for the three teams. In the resource allocator role, the manager chooses where the organization will directs its efforts and allocate job reasonable.
2. Carole Devlin has failed to make use of good assertiveness skills. Using the assertiveness skills theory, apply these to Caroleís situation. From a practical point of view, what should she have done? Identify the problems that resulted from Caroleís inassertiveness and describe she should have done.
2.1? The theory of assertiveness
Assertiveness is the ability to express your emotions and needs without violating others rights and in the same time without being aggressive. People who are not assertive do their best to please others violating their own rights. They just step on themselves in order to make others feel happy or in order to avoid being rejected.
Aggressive people cannot control their aggression, this kind of people may upset others. This may lead to others avoiding them or escalating the conflict. They may also get upset themselves afterwards if they have lost their ...

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