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To investigate the vitamin C content of fruit juice Free essay! Download now

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To investigate the vitamin C content of fruit juice

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To investigate the vitamin C content of fruit juice essay previewTo investigate the vitamin C content of fruit juice essay preview


To investigate the vitamin C content of fruit juice


To investigate the vitamin C content of fruit juice.

Schoolgirls expose false vitamin C claims
Fruit juice is recommended as a good source of the antioxidant vitamin C and large volumes are sold every day in bottles and cartons. In 2004, two high school students in New Zealand conducting an experiment to determine the Vitamin C levels of their favourite fruit drinks found that the levels in one well-known blackcurrant juice drink were much lower than those claimed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer dismissed the concerns, saying the claim related only to the blackcurrant fruit and not the product. However, the case was taken up by a television consumer affairs show and after further testing, it was found that statements about the levels of vitamin C had been misleading. 15 charges were brought under the Fair Trading Act. In March 2007 the manufacturer pleaded guilty to all 15 charges and was fined NZ$217,500.
The manufacturer maintains that the issue affected only Australia and New Zealand, and that the juice drink sold in other markets such as the United Kingdom contains the levels of vitamin C stated on the product label.
Which juice contains the most vitamin C?
Which type of fruit juice provides the most vitamin C?
Is drinking fruit juice from a carton just as good as eating fresh fruit to maintain high levels of antioxidant vitamin C in your diet?
(Remember that fruit juice sold in cartons is ‘long life’ and does not require refrigeration because it has been heat treated.)
The quantity of vitamin C in food and drink can be determined using a simple colour test. Vitamin C decolourises the blue dye DCPIP (dichlorophenolindolphenol). Vitamin C is an antioxidant and reduces the DCPIP. DCPIP changes from blue to colourless (or slightly pink) as it becomes reduced.
Design an experiment to test one of the questions posed above.
You will be provided with the following equipment:
Range of fruit and/or fruit juices
Standard 1% vitamin C solution
DCPIP 0.1%
Pipette, syringe or burette to measure volumes accurately
Standard laboratory glassware and apparatus
Make sure your plan:
includes a question or problem that you are testing
includes a procedure which uses suitable apparatus to test your question or problem
identifies the independent and dependent variables
identifies any other variables which may affect the outcome of the experiment, and, where possible, controls or allows for them
has a control, if appropriate, and this control is fully explained
includes replicates, and an explanation of why this is necessary
says what measurements you will make, how they will be made, and the level of accuracy that you can expect in your measurements
says how you will make sure the results are reliable and valid
includes a risk assessment.

Have your plan checked by your teacher/lecturer before you start the ...

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