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revision spread - Biodiversity Free essay! Download now

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revision spread - Biodiversity

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Topic 4: Biodiversity checklist

Revision spread
Practice exam questions
Drugs and plants

Describe how then use of plant fibres and starch may contribute to sustainability

Recall the various stages in contemporary drug trial protocols. Recall William Withering’s digitalis soup and be able to compare his drug testing process with the contemporary protocols

Describe a practical investigating the antimicrobial properties of plants
LO1, LO11

Species and biodiversity
Explain the terms biodiversity and endemism. Describe how biodiversity can be measured

Recall the three domains and molecular phylogeny. Discuss the scientific process used to test new data, as illustrated by molecular phylogeny

Natural selection and evolution
Describe the term niche and discuss examples of adaptation of organisms to their environment

Describe natural selection and its role in adaptation and evolution

Conservation and genetic diversity
Discuss the role of zoos and seedbanks in conserving rare species and maintaining genetic diversity

Plant cell structure
Describe the structure of various plant cell organelles and be able to compare a typical plant cell with a typical animal cell

Plant stem structure and function
Recall the position and function of xylem vessels and sclerenchyma fibres in a stem

Explain the importance of plants of water, nitrate ions, calcium ions and magnesium ions.

Describe a practical on plant mineral ion deficiency
LO1, LO10

Starch, cellulose and fibres
Recall and compare the structure of starch and cellulose

Understand the structure of cellulose microfibrils and their arrangement within plant cell walls

Identify sclerenchyma fibres and xylem vessels as seen through a light microscope

Describe a practical on testing the tensile strength of plant fibres
LO1, LO8

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