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Rates of reaction Hydrochloric acid + magnesium Free essay! Download now

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Rates of reaction Hydrochloric acid + magnesium

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The rates of reaction are very important; they determine every thing from an explosion to the rusting of a nail and even the rate that food is digested. The rate of an explosion is very fast whereas the rate of oxidisation of a nail. An example of a fast reaction is thermite and a slow reaction is decomposition.
Mg + 2HCl H2 + MgCl2


We were using a gas syringe to measure the amount of hydrogen given off by a 2cm strip of magnesium with 50ml of hydrochloric acid.

Molar Test 1
0.2 Too low to measure
1.0 Too low to measure
What the preliminary results show
They show that both a low molar (0.2) acid and a high molar (1.0) acid show “too low to measure” this was because the gas syringe didn’t work as planned so I replaced the gas syringe method with the displacement method.

Equipment list
• Clamp stand
• Conical flask 100ml
• Hydrochloric acid 150ml of each molar (0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0)
• Magnesium ribbon 20mm per test
• Stopwatch
• Measuring cylinder 500ml x2
• Glass bowl

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