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Osmosis in Potato Cells Free essay! Download now

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Osmosis in Potato Cells

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Year 10 Biology Coursework: Osmosis in Potato Cells



I am going to experiment the effects of osmosis in potato cells using varying molarities of sucrose solution. The samples will be placed in 3 test tubes for every different molar of sucrose solution. The samples will then be left in the solution for 24 hours, taken out of the solution and measured in length.

Care will need to be taken when cutting the samples to length and acquiring the samples from the potato because a scalpel will be used to cut the samples to an exact length and a apple core borer will be used to obtain the samples. Both of these items used are very sharp.
The molarities used for the sucrose solution will be 0 molar, 0.2molar, 0.4 molar, 0.6 molar, 0.8 molar, 1.0 molar. 3 sets of results will be taken for each molarity to make sure the evidence gathered is scientifically correct. Care will have to be taken not to spill any of the sucrose solution as sucrose is a sugar. The control for the experiment will be the 3 sample in 0 molar of sucrose solution, in effect they are just in distilled water. The variables will be all the other molarities 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0. The length of the samples and type of potato must be kept the same.
The length of the potato samples will be exactly 5cm.


1 Apple core borer
1 Scalpel
1 Potato
5 Test tube rack
15 Test Tubes
1 Heat Proof Mat
Sucrose Solution of the following molarities:
0.0(Distilled Water)

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