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Mitosis Lab Free essay! Download now

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Mitosis Lab

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Mitosis Lab essay previewMitosis Lab essay previewMitosis Lab essay preview


"In this laboratory, you will investigate the process of mitosis by looking at prepared slides of plant and animal tissue that has cells undergoing cell division."


Mitosis Lab

In this laboratory, you will investigate the process of mitosis by looking at prepared slides of plant and animal tissue that has cells undergoing cell division.

To recognize the stages of mitosis in plant cells.
To use a microscope to observe cells
To make accurate diagrams of microscopic observations
To make comparisons between cells at different stages of division.

The process of cell division involves the replication of the nucleus and the division of the cytoplasm (cytokinesis). Mitosis in the higher plant cells takes place in regions called meristems (regions of the plant that are actively growing) that are found in the tips of roots and stems. In animals mitosis can take part are over the organism, where ever new cells are required. However, some tissues undergo division more than others e.g. skin tissue; while cells in other tissues rarely divide once they have reached maturity e.g. brain and heart tissue.

Examine the prepared slides available. Locate the meristematic region (actively growing) of the plant material, or the appropriate part of the animal tissue with the 10X objective. Then put the 40X in place and fine focus to study individual cells. Identify cells that clearly represent the different phases of division. Sketch accurate, labeled diagrams of the cells in the boxes provided.

Draw the pictures of the cells in stages of mitosis in the boxes provided. Each cell should fill the entire box, be in as much detail as possible, and be labeled with as many structures as you can identify. When you are finished, cut and paste each table (description and picture you have drawn) into your notebook. Then answer the questions again, these go in your notebook. Everything in this lab labeled in red goes in your lab notebook!!! Ill be looking for these items when I collect them next time.

Notebook checklist (each of the following should be in your notebook once the assignment is completed):
Labeled diagrams for each cell together with the description of the major events that occur at each stage. Diagrams are labeled, detailed and fill the entire box. You can cut these out and paste them into your notebook if you use this handout to draw your cells.
Answers to the 4 questions (note that question 4 has several parts), including a graph of the data of percentage of cells at each stage of the cell cycle and mitosis.

The nucleus may have one or more dark stained nucleoli ...

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