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Methodology - River Darent Free essay! Download now

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Methodology - River Darent

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Methodology - River Darent essay previewMethodology - River Darent essay preview


Methodology - River Darent



Choice of topic:

We chose the River Darent because it is very easy to get to from school because it is really close. Also it is a typical river with all the typical features and it is also a safe river too. We chose this topic mainly because it links to the syllabus for our GCSE work

Data Collection:

A group of 45 students from my school went to the River Darent to collect data for our coursework. We were split into seven small groups who split up and took different sites down the river. In total we measured the river in 28 sites down the river. We measured the velocity, the width and depth, the bedload roundness and size, wetted perimeter and the amount of species.

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