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Is the practice of genetic engineering safe? Free essay! Download now

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Is the practice of genetic engineering safe?

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Is the practice of genetic engineering safe? essay previewIs the practice of genetic engineering safe? essay previewIs the practice of genetic engineering safe? essay preview


genes and genetic engineering


Is the practice of genetic engineering safe?


The scientific community has on the whole been an advocate of the practice of gene technology. In recent years the advancement has been propelled by funding and interest within this branch of science. This advancement has not only led to the mapping of the human genome but also the modification of it to aid scientific progress. This modification, termed genetic engineering is a commercial application often used for reasons of economy, such as the practice being used in the food industry and, in medicine to accelerate research in finding cures for specific diseases. With widespread use of such a unproven technology there are likely to be uncertainties with regard to its safety. This paper attempts to define gene technology and to look at the uses of it in regard to genetic engineering. One particularly popular use, cloning will be focussed upon and previous experiments will be examined.
Scientific models will be analysed and the biological pathways of genetic engineering will be described in attempt to reveal any potential dangers.
Finally, I will focus upon the future implementations and how safe these will be by examining recent evidence. to recent belief.

FIGURE 1. Timeline of large-scale genomic analyses [Taken from Nature online]
Figure 1 (above), shows the sequencing of genome's from bacteria, a mouse and a human. The time taken for the complete mapping of the human genome was around 12 years with interest being shown in the late 1980's and the initial mapping starting in 1990. In 2003 the nucleotide sequence of the vast majority of DNA of each human chromosome was obtained.

Genomics is yielding new insights into fundamental questions about genome organization, regulation of gene expression, growth and development and evolution. (Campbell and Reece, 2005)

This growth and evolution has included genetic engineering as it is now known what specific gene sequences are more susceptible to disease and interference in early stages of embryonic development is used as a preventative measure. Recent speculation has arisen from a technique used, to (ironically) eradicate any potential danger of certain diseases. It is based upon the presupposition that prenatal intervention may prevent severe manifestation of the early onset of the disease. Problems in regard to the safety of this technique have arisen from a specific utero application of an early form of third-generation anaemia virus vectors. With this particular virus there was a high incidence of liver tumours, highlighting the need for more investigations into the safety and the ethical aspects of utero gene therapy.
Gene Therapy (2005)

The importance of analysing the methods used in genetic engineering with regard to safety is examined to find out whether future implementations would be viable. Recent discussion has ...

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