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Genetic disorders Free essay! Download now

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Genetic disorders

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Genetic disorders essay previewGenetic disorders essay preview


Genetic disorders


Genetic disorders
CF is an inherited condition affecting the glands that produce body fluids or secretions.
In CF, these secretions are stickier and thicker than normal. This hinders the functioning of important organs, such as the lungs and digestive system. The exact cause of CF is a single faulty gene found on chromosome 7, which controls salt and water movement in and out of cells within the body.
To develop CF a baby has to inherit the faulty gene from both parents. About one in 25 people in the UK is a carrier of the CF gene.
Inheritance is autosomal recessive. This means if both parents are carriers there's a one in four chance their child will have CF and a two in four chance their child will be a carrier but not have the disease. There's a one in four chance that their child will neither have CF nor be a carrier.
Genetic screening
Genetic screening is the procedure whereby individuals are tested to determine whether their gene make-up suggests they carry a particular disease or condition. If it is shown that someone carries a genetically linked disease, then decisions can be taken regarding future children.
People decide whether to get tested so they know that they can or cant get a disease, before any symptoms appear. Tests are already available in research programs for some two dozen such diseases, and as more disease genes are discovered.
An ethical question can be argued from many different perspectives all presenting arguments as to why a particular view is right / good and another is bad / wrong. An ethical question will be one where there are different ways of looking at the issue and people feel uncomfortable / passionate / threatened / defensive when considering it or are challenged about their view. An ethical question generally has a value base which may be influenced by things such as culture, religious beliefs, education and upbringing.
The scientists, doctors, drug and biotech companies who develop and market these tests claim that they benefit the health of individuals by allowing treatment of genetic diseases before the symptoms become apparent.Genetic tests is given to individuals and families to make decisions relating to lifestyle, fertility and planning on the basis of a greater understanding of what the future holds for them.
Against genetic screening
Research shows no improvement in prognosis for children diagnosed with pre-symptomatic cystic fibrosis through individual testing or neo-natal screening programs, even though these children are subjected to long courses of 'preventative' treatments aiming to delay the onset of the disease.
Rather than being treated equally and taking a genetic test can reduce your chances of employment or any kind of insurance. Rather than improving one's quality of life, taking a genetic ...

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