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Fresh water Pollution study Free essay! Download now

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Fresh water Pollution study

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Fresh water Pollution study essay previewFresh water Pollution study essay previewFresh water Pollution study essay preview


Aim: To investigate the effect of organic pollution on the invertebrate of two different river mole.


Fresh water Pollution study
Aim: To investigate the effect of organic pollution on the invertebrate of two different river mole.
Introduction: To our Biology course work we went to Juniper hall field studies council. Juniper hall is a natural Trust and is really good for educational about environment. We went to Juniper hall on 12th October 2009. We went to group about 24 people from our college.

Temperature, light, oxygen and Ph all tend to decrease with depth in direct contrast to carbon dioxide, nutrients and organic matter which increase with depth. In running water (streams and river) the dominant factor is the rate of current flow. Where water movement increases most animal population are fond attached to or sheltering understands on the bottom. All the environmental factors influence the species composition of different communities ad have resulted in adaption in those species. Most people have access to fresh water habitat.
Variable: variable is the two different site of river mole which is stepping stones and swan forth farm.
The factor affects the fresh water invertebrate distribution and abundance:
Flow arte
Dissolve O2
River bed Substrate
Water pH
Human activity
Epic Litchi algae
Controlled variable:
Kick sampling technique, temperature of water in c, pH is it Acidity or alkaline Flow rate, dissolved O2 in mg dm 3, nitrate Ion concentration mg dm-3
What is Pollution?
It is a Contamination of the environment to the extent that existing habitat are threatened or population if organism are endangered
Examples of pollution:
Industrial Process
Sewage Efficient
Chemical Power , Farmer, Herbicide, Fertiliser
Greenhouse gases CO2,CH4 AND CFC2
Treated sewage discharge ? Contain Nitrate and phosphates ? Causes plant life dies ? bacteria decomposes dead plant life -? Oxygen level fall ? High oxygen demanded ? Low oxygen demander increase
Adaptation for oxygen:
1) External Gills e.g.: Mayfly Nymphs
2) Breathing tube e.g.: Rat tailed maggot is for analysis
3) Diffusion over body surface e.g.: Flat worm
4) Air bubbles e.g.: Water beetles
5) Pigment e.g.: blood worm
1) Ph :
2) some organism can be depending on different factors. Some organism is well adapted to low pH of water or adapted to high pH of water. If it has high pH of water in the rivers, it indicates it has come from drainages of limestone. Also the level of Carbon dioxide can affect the pH because, when in night, no photosynthesis is produce therefore pH can go lower.

The dissolved oxygen concentration will be highest at swan worth ...

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