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conditions for seed gemination Free essay! Download now

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conditions for seed gemination

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conditions for seed gemination essay preview


how seeds germinate


What are the conditions required for seed germination

It is to find out the effect of water on seed germination (1)

Design of the experiment (4)
Independent variable: the presence and absence of water
Dependent variable: the germination of seeds
Controlled variables: temperature and light intensity
Measurement: To count the number of seeds germinated
Control experiment: seeds with water
1. Put all seeds in darkness
2. Add just appropriate amount of water
3. Take care of the glass Petri dish so that it was not broken
Assumption: all seeds are viable
Prediction: seeds with water germinate; seeds without water cannot germinate
Higher reliability with 30 instead of 1 seeds

Results (1)

With water
Without water
No. of seeds germinated



Data interpretation (3)
All seeds with water germinate
No seed germinate in the absence of water
Water is necessary for seed germination
Water softens seed coat, activates enzymes, dissolves food, transport dissolved food
Limitation: Only green beans are tested. Further investigation must be carried out for other seeds.

Conclusion (1)
Water is necessary for seed germination

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