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Amount of Vitamin C to Decolourise Dcpip Free essay! Download now

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Amount of Vitamin C to Decolourise Dcpip

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In order to find out which past and present soft drinks have the most amount of vitamin c we must first react a sample of DCPIP solution with a vitamin c solution which has a known concentration. This then enables us to compare the strength of vitamin c in the soft drinks with that of a specific concentration.


The aim of this experiment is to investigate how much vitamin c is needed to decolourize 1cm³ of a blue dye known as DCPIP (dichlorophenolindophenol). By experimenting with an old and new variety of lemon, orange and blackcurrant soft drinks we are able to find out which contains the most vitamin c from the amount it takes to decolourize 1cm³ of DCPIP.
Vitamin c is a water soluble vitamin found in various fresh fruits and vegetables. The 'best sources of vitamin c are citrus fruits and their juices' . Fruits with high vitamin c content include lemons, peaches, strawberries, bananas and grapefruit. Vitamin c is involved in the repair of tissue damage and maintenance of healthy skin and blood vessels.
As vitamin c is at highest in citrus fruits I predict that the orange and lemon soft drinks will contain more vitamin c than the blackcurrant soft drink. Furthermore, as lemons are more acidic than oranges I would have to predict that the orange soft drinks will contain the most vitamin c.
The apparatus relevant to this experiment are:
Test tubes, a test tube rack, a glass rod to mix the solution, DCPIP solution, 5ml syringes and finally the various past and present soft drinks which are to be tested.
The independent variable in this experiment will be the soft drinks used as there will be a mixture of old and new flavours. This in effect will affect the dependant variable which is to measure how much soft drink is needed to decolourize DCPIP.

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