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young men without work Free essay! Download now

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young men without work

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young men without work essay previewyoung men without work essay preview


how do young men without work effect social order


Young people work hard for better life and to accomplish what they want after graduating high school or college. However, they face some difficulties in finding a job. Many countries suffer from youth unemployment. The rate of youth unemployment is rising. If the number of young people unemployed increases, many problems will arise in society. Young men without work are huge problem in society because their power could be wasted, and they can impact on society and each unemployed individual.
First, many jobs require capacity of men for some works that women could not handle. However, some people may argue that women could handle those jobs and there should be no gender discrimination. Although there is less sexual discrimination in work places, discrimination in hiring still exists. Generally, young men are stronger than women so labor and some jobs require physical strength from men. For instance, young women work at building construction; they have difficulties to carry heavy materials. Consequently, progress of constructing the building could be slower because of lack of strength. Thus, we could waste time, money and youth power thorough young men without work.
Secondly, young men without work could effect on the society such as homeless, criminal problem and social welfare. Young unemployment makes them to be homeless because they do not have enough money to buy or rent house. Homeless people sometimes commit suicide because they cannot afford to buy basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. It is hard to maintain those requisites if there is no money. Moreover, young men without work make rate of criminal increase because joblessness and homeless could be a major motivator in theft, burglary and violent crimes that may have a money motivation. Lastly, young unemployed men may effect on social welfare for children, old and disable people because they do not work and have money to pay taxes. The result of less paid taxes could make finance of government decrease and then government could not support the social welfare. Of course, people would not receive social welfare service
Finally, young men without work could affect on their individual life such as relationship, confidence and health. If they go out and talk with friends or other people who are working, they could not communicate with them because they do not have work experience and do not understand own words that worker used. Thus, they will not be likely to go out and talk with other people and stay alone at home. Indeed, their communication skill will be lower. By not working, young men also may begin to doubt their sense of self and abilities, be depressed themselves and not have confidence. The result of emotional effects may give young ...

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