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Women can change the world Free essay! Download now

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Women can change the world

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Women can change the world essay previewWomen can change the world essay previewWomen can change the world essay preview


Women can change the world


Women can change the world

I wish to acknowledge the Gadigal people, the traditional owners of the land upon which we gather. We honour them for their care of the land over countless generations.

Arenít we blessed to gather together in this place on this day during this Holiest of weeks? It is good for me to be here with you.

The topic Iíve been asked to address today is Women Can Change the World. How many of you know anything about the Enneagram? There are nine personality types and different patterns of three. There are 3 numbers on the Enneagram who feel larger than the world, ready to take on whatever comes. Three numbers feel that they are on equal pegging with the world, and three numbers that feel smaller than the world. And I happen to be in this last group! So youíll appreciate that itís quite an ask, inviting one such as me to speak about women changing the world. But I do believe that women can change the world Ė the question for me is how.

Last week I had an experience in which I certainly felt smaller than the world. Iíd been appointed to a committee within my congregation whose task seemed to have grown exponentially. And that familiar feeling of being overwhelmed descended upon me. So what does a woman do in such situations? Well this woman prayed and journalled, and confided in friends. One dear friend sent me a story, a piece of writing, from the Irish writer Daniel OíLeary which helped me immensely and which Iíd like to share with you now. Itís about learning to swim.

I was 50 before I could swim. Even though I lived near enough to the Atlantic I was slow to commit myself to the water. There were two reasons for this. I did not trust it, and I was trying too hard. For decades I struggled around the shallow end of the pool, in the baby part of the beach, fearful of letting go. When I did work up enough courage to take a tiny risk, I would swiftly sink in a hopeless and counter-productive flurry of flailing arms and legs, my mouth filled with water and my heart with panic. Clinging to the safe railing of the pool, gripping the bar for learners at the three-feet-deep limit, how I envied the swimmers.

One May day I slid into the pool and swam. It was effortless - so natural. I was overjoyed. It was so easy. Maybe it was because of a lovely friend who swam beside me. Maybe on that day I was ready to listen to the wisdom of play. Whatever the reason, the graced moment happened and it ...

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