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what is the meaning of life? Free essay! Download now

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what is the meaning of life?

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what is the meaning of life? essay previewwhat is the meaning of life? essay previewwhat is the meaning of life? essay preview


essay on meaning of life


"What is the meaning of life?" is a complex question that have been discussed for years.Meaning of life is a deep philosophical question. It may be viewed by different perspectives of individuals. How to enhance the meaning of life is attracting an increasing number of people's concern. This essay will mainly focus on the meaning of life and several factors that could affect our meaning of life.

Meaning is a relationship between two sorts of things. What our life can bring to this world and others' life. (Matthew Kelly,2005). There are things that are always necessarily meaningful that can influence our world. So meaning is about making a difference that energizes you. It comes from focusing on an outcome you find compelling. Einstein once said: "do not attempt to be a person of success, try to become a man of value. A good ideal should have value in the world , that is to say, when you leave this world, you can leave some values for the world which are worthy of others to aftertaste."We have only one life , I think the most important meaning of life is to have a certain degree of impact .(Rachel Madorsky, 2003).In other words,I hope I can be a valuable person to help others, help the world to let most people's life become better , thus bringing happiness to them."When I was a sophomore, a philosophy teacher discussed the meaning of life , he just used very simple three English words: "make a difference" which left me with a deep impression.I firmly believe that as long as one's life have some contribution to the world , no matter this contribution is the teacher educate students, doctors and nurse help patients, or cleaner beautify the urban environment, they are the people in the world who have"influence"; As long as one ever really help others, no matter this kind of help is save the life of a human being, or brought laughter or happiness for others ,etc.(Avery, John 2003).

As a matter of fact,there are numerous factors that can enhance the experience of meaning in life such as friendships,personal goals,families and so on.People consider friendship to be one of the most complex and ever changing concepts that individuals try to comprehend but companionship can be the most amazing thing in the world. (Rachel Madorsky, 2003).Friendship contains many components that make it unique but the main one are that friends must enjoy one another company and be useful to each other as Robert N. Bellah correctly states in his passage “Citizenship and Friendship.” Bellah accurately affirms that friends enjoy each other company even though they possess different perspective on issues that they are committed. In friendship, people confide ...

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