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The World Is Full Of Lies Free essay! Download now

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The World Is Full Of Lies

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The World Is Full Of Lies


The world is full of lies. In fact, we experience them on an everyday basis. In every film we watch we are fooled into believing that the pictures on the screen are moving, but in actuallity they are just still shots placed together at 24 frames per second. Television and the media (news) seem to be the biggest carries of the lying virus. ABC was one of the unlucky few to have been caught. Their name was dragged through the mudd along with Food Lion, in a case which poses many ethical questions. Because of commercial advertisements, television news has been forced to resort to lie tactics in order create stories that shock viewers into watching. News has become nothing more than factual ENTERTAINMENT. For example, ABC’s news program “Primetime Live” did a feature story on the South Carolina based Food Lion, which stated that the grocery chain was selling tainted meat, cheese that had been nawed upon by rats, produce which was taken from the dumpster, and fish which had been bleached in order to return the natural white color; however, ABC used trickery in order to obtain the package. The lead was originally developed from a friend of segment producer Lynne Dale. The friend was the UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers Union) spokesman Neal Lattimore. The information was supplied through a group who served as a “middle man.” ABC went to a Food Lion armed with hidden cameras in order to obtain some initial evidence. Second, ABC sent three employees Lynne Dale, Susan Barnett, and an Photographer to apply for jobs using forged references, supplied by UFCW. Here is the err with ABC. Their use of false information directly infringes upon a companies trust with employees, furthermore, many applications require a signature that bonds all information to the employee. Their second mistake was using information supplied by a union who according to Marc Gunther and Henry Goldblatt was already at arms with Food Lion, because of their persistance to remain NON union. The question that arises, does this justify ABC to lie in order to prove someone else’s lie? Sissela Bok would suggest that such practices would be correct if in the interest of the public.

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