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THE SIZE ZERO EFFECT - COCAINE Free essay! Download now

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Cocaine originated in India, although the biggest business with this class A drug, in the modern world is in Columbia. Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico have all contributed to selling, distributing and trafficking at one point over the last 500 years, in which it has been widely available.
It arrived in England by ship in the 1800’s and has see-sawed in popularity over the last 200 years since introduction. Even our Royal Family through the centuries have been known to use it. Now seen as the ‘Celebrity Drug’, it’s at the largest peak of popularity ever recorded, even among the mainstream of the United Kingdom.
Originally thought to be useful as a medicine, it serves very few and mediocre purposes, despite it’s euphoric properties. Sometimes used to treat the rare sleep disorder Narcolepsy, it is said to be a constructive progress, despite the high dose needed to stabilise the individual receiving the treatment. Cocaine doesn’t repress the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Therefore, the patient suffering from a Narcoleptic episode receives controlled yet, healthy brain activity during the time between falling asleep and awakening.

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