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The cyber-bullies are always with you… Free essay! Download now

Home > A Level > Sociology > The cyber-bullies are always with you…

The cyber-bullies are always with you…

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The cyber-bullies are always with you…


Commentary and discussion
“… It is becoming clear that aspects of online communication encourage people to act aggressively, prompting them to do things they wouldn’t dare to try in real life.” (Page 2, Lines 48-53)
The quotation refers to how we feel when we are in contact with real people online. If you go online and have a chat with a real person, you don’t actually feel like you are being present with the person. Therefore you don’t think too much of which consequences your actions might have, on you or the person you are in contact with. It can have many consequences, which might be humiliation of yourself or that you might hurt the other person’s feelings.
For example, Imagine a boy who walks into a club where there is this girl who he has a crush on, but he is afraid to speak to her, as he feels embarrassed and has a lack of confidence around her, because he fears that she might reject him without even getting to know him. So the boy finds the girl on facebook. At facebook the boy won’t feel the same lack of confidence as he does not feel that she is present because it is online and therefore his fear of rejection is not the same because he won’t get totally humiliated in front of everybody.
This example can easily be compared to how the bullies on the internet feel. Many of the bullies might not have the ability to not care about the victim in real life. But as they do not feel like its completely real when they bully them online they don’t care as much as they would if it was in real life. They won’t have a bad conscience as long as they don’t see their victims in the eyes and see how they react to the things they say. If the bully were to see how the victim broke down and cried, maybe the bully would give in to his conscience and never bully that person again.
Nearly all aspects of the internet are being abused in one way or another, this could be from pop-ups, harassment, spam, and the list goes on and on. Today there are so many negative sides of the online communication but there are also a lot of positive sides, such as if you are running a business or you need some quick contact with friends or family. The internet can be used to many different things today and this has made the world technology very fast because we have the ability to share information with each other very quickly even if we are in different countries.
There is a great example of how fast something can be spread over the internet in the text “The cyber-bullies are always with you”, with the boy Ghyslain Raza. This boy made a very personal video, with himself where he performed some very awkward moves with something that is supposed to like a light saber from the star wars movies. This video came on the website YouTube where users can upload their own video which they have the rights to. Unfortunately for the boy YouTube didn’t check if the person who uploaded the video of him had the rights to do so. And therefore the video became very popular and were seen by millions of people, at some time it was one of the most viewed videos in the world.

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