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Status Of Women In Pashtoon Society Free essay! Download now

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Status Of Women In Pashtoon Society

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Status Of Women In Pashtoon Society  essay previewStatus Of Women In Pashtoon Society  essay previewStatus Of Women In Pashtoon Society  essay preview


Status Of Women In Pashtoon Society


Status Of Women In Pashtoon Society

Pakhtun culture, civilization and history is centuries old. It has its origin in the Pakhtun language and nation. Pashto language which is almost five thousand years old is not only a language but a code of life called Pakhtoonwali. It is such a code which covers all aspects of the Pakhtun way of life. Pakhtuns live their lives according to the code prescribed for them by Pakhtunwali. Anyone who ceases to follow this code ceases to be a true Pakhtun or a member of the Pakhtun code. All those traits or virtues which design Pakhtoonwali make an ideal Pakhtoon. These virtues are courage, honor, loyalty, truthfulness, justice self-respect, hospitality and so on. Paktoons live their lives according to Pakhtoonwali. Their customs regarding the decisions about their lives has been set by the same code. Pakhtuns who do not follow the rules and principles set by Pakhtoonwali are treated with indignity in the Pakhtoon society. It sometimes becomes very cruel as individuals find themselves helpless in front of this code as has been mentioned in a tappa;
Pakhtu as a code of life gets cruel and inhuman, as one has to sacrifice a lot to observe it strictly. A pakhtun beloved is asking her lover to get ready for any consequences to live up to the standard of Pakhtunwali.
Pakhtunwali does not exist in written form. It is based on conventions and practices left to them from their forefathers. The psyche, culture and trends of a nation are moulded by the geography, environment and economic conditions of the region where they live. Poverty and backwardness leads people towards ignorance. Poverty and ignorance is a curse and is a great hurdle in the way of constructive and objective thinking. Constructive thinking is followed by constructive activity. Pakhtoons are generally poor. Their living is mainly dependent on agriculture but a larger part of the land is not fertile. A Pakhtoon woman has to wait for the fulfillment of her smallest desires for long i.e.; till the reaping of crops. If there is a good crop, she gets the gift promised to her by the husband;
One of the reasons of the poverty of these people has been that this land has remained deprived of industrialization. No attention has been given by the authorities to the welfare and betterment of this region.
Pakhtoon society comprises of different tribes (both the Pakhtuns of Afghanistan and N.W.F.P). Pakhtuns live in the settled area, mountains and the tribal area of Pakistan. The former are flexible as compared to the very rigid pakhtuns of mountains and of the tribal area. ...

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