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social network essay

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provides the effects social networks have on youth these days


Social Network
Globalization is the flow of ideas, commodities and people around the world. It is a fact that the ability of communicating between people from one part of the world to another has gotten faster, and the tools of communication had improve largely by technological advances. Social networking has become the new implement for global connection in the past years, it has become well know to people and it is the new tool that helps the individual to interact with people from around the world. The amount of time spent online is increasing exponentially thanks to the social network. There are different types of social networks sites that work in different levels, from low grade sites up to multi-level quality sites, all aiming towards making peoples communication easier and faster. Social networks help people get faster updates from friends and family, they can share ideas and debate important topics with their social contacts, and its become a very efficient way to meet new people and stumble into a relationship, all just by seating in front of a computer. However, spending too much time in the Social Network can lead some people to replace the actual procedure of social interaction, loose the importance of school and be vulnerable to online aggression. People are becoming socially shy, they drop their grades in school and they are more susceptible to sexual predators. Nowadays interacting and living a life in front of a computer has become very common and it has replaced the real world.
Before of the invention of facebook, youtube, twetter and many other social sites, people used to go out and get together with other people, but now the majority sits in front of computers to share ideas with others. People prefer to log into a community and interact with other people online, instead of going out and interact with them directly. Furthermore, this situation has made people who are shy in public take advantage of using social sites. They feel comfortable and secure talking through a computer, making them dig deeper into their problem of timidity. Thinking outside of the social network should be hard for them because these sites are not helping them overcome their shyness; instead they are using this tool as an excuse to feel like a sociable person. There might be times when the social networker interacts with people, but they will never feel as comfortable as they would with their computer.
In my personal experience, when I first open my facebook account I thought it was a great site to interact with my family and friends when it was necessary. Sharing my ideas in my free time and debate important ...

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