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Singapore social environment Free essay! Download now

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Singapore social environment

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Singapore social environment essay previewSingapore social environment essay previewSingapore social environment essay preview


Singapore social environment


Social Environment
Singaporeis a multi-ethnic society where Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions coexist beneath the veneer of a western cosmopolitan metropolis.
Many Singaporeans though not all, arebilingual. Most speakEnglishand another language, most commonlyMandarin Chinese,Malayor Tamil.Wide use of English is appreciated hence communication does not pose as much of a problem.
Statistics on family structure in Singapore :
(General Household Survey 2010
Sample size of 1.024 million people)
85.4% of those surveyed live in at least one family nucleus,
14.6% of those surveyed do not live in a family based household, i.e.the members are not immediately related to one another.
13.2% of those surveyed live in families without a presence of a married couple, e.g. one parent (divorcee) living with child(ren).

The most common household size is 4 people, forming 24.1%.
71.3% of those surveyed have household size of 3 or more people.
13% of couple-based households do not have children.

[*A family nucleus is defined as either:
(a) a married couple, with or without unmarried children and/or a parent/grandparent or
(b) a family consisting of immediate related members, without the presence of a married couple, e.g. one parent living with child(ren)]

Modern, westernized environment.
Being time-orientated multi-taskers, Singaporeans generally do not have the luxury of enjoying fellowship in socialising during meals. This could be why they place more emphasis on the last meal of the day. Dinner becomes a leisurely activity where people get together in various social groups.
Known as one of the global food capitals, Singapore is legendary for the sheer diversity, richness, and creativity of its culinary scene. One of the main drivers behind the spurt in Singapore tourism is its popularity in terms of food. Hence exotic flavours will be easily accepted by the consumers.
Singapore scores high on safety and low crime rates.
High quality transport and infrastructure making it possible for consumers to reach our outlets as well as ease in distribution.
Shopping malls are very popular. Hence outlets placed there will expose our product to consumers on a wide base.
Food courts :Found in the basement or top floor of nearly every shopping mall, food courts are the gentrified, air-conditioned version of hawker centres. The food offered is much the same but prices are on average $1-2 higher. These food courts are popular lunch options for the office workers who avoid the heat by staying in air-conditioned places.
Round tables are in essence the key tool in most of our social gatherings. They are more than just a piece of furniture with utilitarian value, but form a big part of Singaporean food culture. It allows people to sit in a way such that nobody is left out and everyone can participate in the conversation.

Cultural Environment

Multicultural society with three main ethnic groups: Indian, Malay and Chinese.
Cultural obstacles: Most Singaporeans are said to be over compliant, ...

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