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Premarital Sex: A Choice That Should Not Be Prohibited Free essay! Download now

Home > A Level > Sociology > Premarital Sex: A Choice That Should Not Be Prohibited

Premarital Sex: A Choice That Should Not Be Prohibited

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Premarital Sex: A Choice That Should Not Be Prohibited


The new industrial society has made a big impact on the changes of mankind’s way of thinking. Compared to thirty years ago, people’s lifestyle nowadays is more directed to self- satisfaction. In the 1970’s, a lot of people were reluctant to fulfill their own desires because they were afraid of the judgments which came from close-minded generations. Throughout the swift course of time things have changed. In the 21st century, we have become more preoccupied with the “self” and have lifted the burden of society’s judgments. As people start to move toward their complacency, they are more open to what used to be considered as taboo, such as premarital sex. Sexual activity has always been a basic need to human beings. Not only is it for human reproduction, but it is a considerate factor to predict the happiness of one’s life. There is an argument that whether premarital sex is appropriate among unmarried couples. The supportive side of this argument seems to have some reasonable pros to prove their point of the premarital sex’s advantages. Although sex is not the most important aspect in a relationship, it does create a feeling of connection between the two individuals. Also, sexual compatibility is one of the keys to open the door to happiness of marriage’s life. Furthermore, people make mistakes as later on they will name those mistakes as experiences, and definitely sexual skill is one of the useful experiences for individual growth.
There are a lot of religions prohibiting sexual intercourse before marriage. Catholic churches say that according to the Bible, premarital sex is named as fornication which literally means the action of sexual activity between the unmarried couples. Catholics believe that sex is a powerful gift which is given by God for human procreation and any action that takes sex as an entertainment without a serious commitment would be considered a sin. Also, premarital sex is a major cause of unwed pregnancies. Many women have become single moms since they practice copulation without a caution for unintended pregnancy. Moreover, the risk of getting STI (Sexual Transmitted Infection) is much higher for those who have sex without any kind of protection. Those three mentioned points above support the argument that premarital sexual is immoral and should not be encouraged. However, there are always two sides of a problem. Nothing is absolutely wrong. As long as people have a clear understanding about what they are doing, they should not be judged for their actions.
There’s a strong connection between love and sex. While love can give human beings the emotional pleasures, sex brings the two significances closer together with a feeling for bonding. Scientists have found that during sexual intercourse, the human body releases a chemical called oxytocin, which can increase the trust in one another. This is the reason why this chemical is sometimes named the “love hormone.” On the other hand, sex is one of the deepest love expressions one has for the other individual. When it comes to discuss about premarital sex, people usually relate it to making love other than having sex. Even though sex has never been the most important thing in a relationship and it alone cannot start, break or maintain love, a good sexual life can definitely smooth the rough edges of a relationship. Lovers share the most intimate feeling when the two bodies become one. When this feeling is created, the couple can overcome the little problems in daily life because love has lightened the dark side of hate. However, the longevity of a relationship depends on a lot of factors such as trust, understanding, and companionship, and of course sex plays a part of it.

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