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Mental Health Free essay! Download now

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Mental Health

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Mental Health essay previewMental Health essay previewMental Health essay preview


Mental Health and Eating Disorders


Eating Disorders
Self-esteem is the value we place on ourselves. It is the feeling we have about all the things we see ourselves to be. It is the knowledge that we are lovable, we are capable, and we are unique. In our society, such importance is placed on our appearance, which directly can affect our self esteem. About 30% of people in Canada suffer with an eating disorder of some kind. Generally, people who are diagnosed with an eating disorder are looking for love and acceptance, a sense of belonging, security and safety, control, and/or self fulfillment. We can see that eating disorder effect body, mind and soul, therefore affecting physical health, mental health and emotional health. Throughout the three different types of health affected by the eating disorder, we can plainly see how important mental health can be, and how dangerous it can get when not taken seriously enough.

Mental Health
Anorexia is a serious eating disorder; it can damage your health and even threaten your life. This condition may cause them to exercise excessively or simply not consume enough food to meet their daily calorie needs. Generally eating disorders involve self- critical, feelings and negative thoughts about body weight and food. People with anorexia have an extreme fear of weight gain, how they look and even what size they are. This illness can make the person think they look bigger then they actually are. Many kids, mostly teens are concerned about how they look and feel self-conscious about their bodies. This can be especially true when they are going though puberty and physical changes and face new social pressures. Disordered eating behaviors stand in the way of the healthy experience of emotional and social development, and prevent the sufferer from living a full life. Research shows that anorexia may run in families; if a girl with anorexia has a younger sister that little girl has a 10 times of a risk to develop this sickness.
There is also an increased percentage with kids and young adults with eating disorders, like anxiety disorder and obsessive- compulsive disorder. At times, problems at home can make kids higher at risk to have a problem with eating. Despite different symptoms, eating disorders share common roots that depend on genetics, medical history and life experience. Most celebrities in advertising, movies, and TV and sports programs are smaller and this may make girls think that this is the perfect body shape that they have to be. Also males, may analyze restricting their eating and exercising to build muscle mass. Popular media often reinforces thinness as the image of the ideal female.

Physical Health
Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa pr ...

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