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media reflection Free essay! Download now

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media reflection

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media reflection on human sexuality


Media Reflection
Watching these music videos from a sociological point of view has made me realize how many direct and indirect messages they send about human sexuality. The two videos I watched were “Tonight” by Enrique Iglesias and ‘Shake” by the Ying Yang Twins featuring Pitbull. Lastly, I watched a commercial for Axe body spray which had a lot of content related to human sexuality.
Both music videos were very sexual charged. The first video with Enrique had tons of things going on; there were topless women everywhere or women walking around in thongs. There were only two men in the video that had plenty of clothes on, while there were many women with barely anything on. Although the women were the ones wearing nothing they were still the ones being perused waiting for the man to take the first step. In this video Enrique also sleeps around with almost every girl in the video and that isn’t seen as something negative. He even gets caught with another woman by his girlfriend and instead of getting mad they all sleep together, which condones the behavior and encourages the boys will be boys motto. They lyrics of the song also treat the two sexes differently, while the lyrics for them men encourage aggressiveness, to take charge, and show a woman how things are done the lyrics for the women show that she doesn’t necessarily have a choice by saying tonight I’m loving you. The lyrics from a woman’s point of view can be seen as been given an order, we are sleeping together tonight and that’s that. The second music video, wow, this basically just has three men on the beach and in a club wearing tons of clothes and every piece of jewelry they own while the women are in tiny bikinis and what not shaking everything for men. This conveys the message that women are there for the pleasure of men. Throughout the music video the women’s faces are barely shown reinforcing that their faces aren’t important as much as their bodies. The commercial for Axe body spray was basically millions of girls doing anything they needed to do to get to the one guy left on the planet that was using their body spray. These women were all wearing tiny bikinis and running in slow motion hunting this guy. Again, women were shown to not be able to control themselves around the guy. The guy was shown with having the power by having these women at his mercy.
These observations have made me realize that so much of our perception of gender is engrained in everything from the music we listen to down to selling body spray. We are ...

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