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Lifespan Perspective of Human Development Free essay! Download now

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Lifespan Perspective of Human Development

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Lifespan Perspective of Human Development essay previewLifespan Perspective of Human Development essay previewLifespan Perspective of Human Development essay preview


The Lifespan Perspective of Human Development


Life Span Perspective of Human Development
Perspective of lifespan development understands the changes that occur in development. Freud and Piaget have very different theories of lifespan development. Freudís theory is a basis of id, ego, and superego, whereas Piagetís is a cognitive development that occurs over a personís lifetime. Nature and Nurture are more than perspectives in lifespan development they influence how and who a person will be. Lifespan development is the time from conception to death as a person develops and grows; the perspective in relationship to human development is lifelong, and theories of lifespan in Freud, and Piaget, while the influences of a person life is nature and nurture.
A personís lifespan begins as a fetus and as it develops and grows for nine months in the womb becoming a person either male or female will continue through stages in a his or her life.
The study of human development is a science seeking to understand how humans change over their lifetime (Berger, 2008). The changes a person goes through as he or she grows can be linear-gradual, predictable, steady, but normally they are none of these. The common stages are birth, infancy, adolescence, adulthood, old age, and the ending death. To define lifespan development is also to mention that humans in their lifetime learn to communicate, to work, love, learn from relationships. These developments go into the perspective of development. According to Berger (2008), a developmental theory is systematic statement of principles they provide a generalization of coherent framework for understanding the changes of people, as they grow older.
Sigmund Freud is responsible for many controversial theories, and lifespan development is one of these. His belief is the first six years of development occurs in three stages, each stage deals with sexual pleasure centered on a particular body parts. Infancy is the oral stage, early childhood is the anal stage, and preschool years is the phallic stage a source of pride and fear among boys and reason for sadness and envy in girls (Berger, 2008). Psychoanalytic interpretation of an adult stuck in an unconscious struggle would be from childhood stages.
Cognitive theory on development comes from Piaget. Piagetís theory puts emphasizes in structure and development of thought processes. This theory has dominated psychology since 1980, and has brained into many versions, each adds insights about human development (Berger, 2008).
Piaget realized that children ...

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