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Jack the ripper - Jack without Jill Free essay! Download now

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Jack the ripper - Jack without Jill

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Jack the ripper - Jack without Jill


It has been more the one hundred years since the last murder and there is no longer any more original evidence, and the "facts" about the stories have changed over time due to different writers or differing sources. The press changed Jack the Ripper from being a depressed killer of prostitutes to one of the most romantic figures seen throughout history. One fact that most sources agreed upon was that the Ripper was a killer who wanted nothing more than to strike fear into the entire city by horribly mutilating his victims and then leaving them in locations where they were sure to be seen. Jack was the type of killer that wants fame and loved the fact that his "name" was on everyone's lips and was able to strike fear into anyone and everyone's heart. In the late 1800's "Jack the Ripper" began his rampage of killings. He was a serial killer who murdered several prostitutes in the East End of London in 1888. The people of London, mainly the press at the time, dubbed this killer, "Jack the Ripper." The name was given to the killer because at the time of the murders, a person wrote a letter to the police and press claiming to be this serial killer, and he had called himself, "Jack the Ripper." These killings took place in the districts of Aldagate, City of London proper, Spitalfields, and Whitechapel which all happen to be within a mile radius of each other.
Within these different districts, he was given different names depending on the stories that were told about the killings some of these other names that the serial killer "Jack the Ripper" was given were Whitechapel Murderer, which was an extremely creative and original name, and "Leather Apron," which is presumed to reference the stories of the murders. Jack's "romantic" killings of women were the murders that lead the way for the killings we see all too often in today's society. In today's society, it is common to see rape murders or any type of murder that had some form of sexual assault. What the world knows about Jack the Ripper is that he was a killer in London that gruesomely murdered most likely five women and was never caught. All the victims of Jack are truly unknown, but it is believed that he was only responsible for five of the killings that took place in the London area.
There were other killings that happened around the same time as Jack's, but these murders were dismissed as the work of "copy-cats" looking to share the spotlight with "The Ripper." The five women that were accepted as the victims of "Jack the Ripper" were Mary Ann (Polly) Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catharine Eddowes, and Mary Jane (Marie Jeanette) Kelly. It is also presumed that Martha Tabram was a victim of Jack but the exact number is uncertain. Some sources say that he killed as few as four women while others say that he killed a minimum of nine and mostly likely killed several more. The first killing in this spree began on Tuesday, August 7, 1888 with the murder of Martha Tabram. Next came the slaying of Mary Ann Nichols on Friday, August 31, 1888, and that death was followed with the murder of Annie Chapman on Saturday, September 8, 1888.

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