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Have teenagers really changed that much? Free essay! Download now

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Have teenagers really changed that much?

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Teenagers have changed in many different ways, because times have changed the world has developed into a more advanced place where their are different surroundings and technology has improved. in some places in the world they still follow some of the rules in the 15 hundreds in some developing countries children are married in the early stages of their teenage years


The teenage of today are complained about all the time and how they are troublesome and how they are hard to look after when they are teenagers in the 1500's the teenage were obedient but they had different lifestyles than playing and going out with their friends they had different ideas about their roles and what they had to fulfill in their relationships. They believed that women were the only things wrong in gods creation they believed the devil put their to tempt men. The role of a women in those times was to produce airs for their husbands favorably boys because they brought money to the family unlike girls they lost you money as when they got married you would have to pay the family of the boy that they were getting married to. The teenagers in those times were expected to have children as young as 13.

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