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Essay looking at crime and deviance Free essay! Download now

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Essay looking at crime and deviance

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Essay looking at crime and deviance  essay previewEssay looking at crime and deviance  essay preview


Crime and deviance and the important functionlist theoires


Intro: Deviance = behaviour which goes against all the norms, values and expectations of society. Crime = behaviour which breaks laws and you’re punished by the legal system.P1: Durkheim argued that crime should be seen as something functional and necessary for society rather than something pathological, and a symptom of a diseased society. Durkheim argued that crime is functional. By punishing criminals, society reaffirms it own values. If crimes were not committed, then the values of society would become blurred. If there is no punishment, then there would be no way of re establishing the values that the crime offends.
Boundary maintenance: crime proudcues a reaction from society, uniting its member of wrong doing and reinfocuing their commitment.For Durkheim this explains the function of punishment.
Does not make to the wrongdoer suffer or mend his ways
Nor is it to remove crime from society.
Durkhiems views the punishment is to reaffirm society’s shared rules and reinforce social solidarity.
Adaption and change:
All changes start with an act of deviance.
Individuals with new ideas,values and ways of living must not be completely stifled by the weight of social control.
There must be some scope for them to challenge and change existing norms and values
In the first instance this will be inevitably appear as deviance.
Society requires a certain amount of deviance to function successfully but he offer no way of knowing how much is the right amount.
Functionalist explain the existence of crime in terms of its supposed function.
Functionalism looks at what functions crime serves for society as a whole and ignores how it might effect individual groups or individuals within society
P2 strain theories argue that people engage in deviant behaviour when they are unable to achieve socially approved goals by legitimate means.
American dream: American’s are expected to pursue this goal by legitimate means: self discipline ,study,educational qualifications,and hard work in a career. Anyone how makes an effort can get ahead there are opportunities for all Conformity: individuals accept the culturaly approved goals and strive to achieve them
Innovation: individuals accept the goal and money success but use ‘new’,illegitimate means such as theft or fraud to achive it
Ritualism: individuals give up on trying to achive the goals but have internalised the legitimate means and so they follow the rules for their own sake

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