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Equality in the Middle East Free essay! Download now

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Equality in the Middle East

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Discussing women's equality in the middle east


Every American girl has the opportunity and ability to become someone successful in our ever-growing society in America. As they grow older, young ladies have dreams of becoming a doctor, astronaut, or even President, the opportunities are endless. Women in America are now set at ease with laws that protect their rights from being violated and discriminated against just for being female. Unfortunately not every place in the world is as lucky as the women here in the US. The rights of Muslim women in the Middle East are despicably being violated in many different ways. Many people foolishly argue that it is how they were raised in the Middle East, and that their equality is on the rise.

How women present themselves in the Middle East can be a reflection on their religious beliefs they are exposed to. Islam is one of the more dominant religions of the people in the Middle East. The Muslim people of the Middle East also seem to be the most prominent follower of this religion. Religion in the Middle East is the basis of what the Muslim people live for. The traditional version of Islam make cases where women are raped and murdered considered acceptable. For Example, in Egypt if a woman is caught or even thought to have an affair with someone outside their marriage she could be killed by her family, this is called honor killing(????). In most countries in the Middle East, women still have so little power and could not live their own lives. Everything was in the hands of men. When husband come home, dinner had to be on the table. Women’s main job was cleaning the house, washing the dishes, clothes and to raise the children. They were not allowed to express themselves and to do things they wanted to do. Most importantly in case of a divorce the children would belong to the husband. Even though the wife was the one who gave it birth and took physical and emotional care of their children.

But today I am very delighted to share with you astonishing news: Women in the Middle East have made notable advances over the past five years, with modest overall improvements in women's rights, literacy??????, educational attainment, political participation and economic role, an extensive multinational study has found. "First, there have been improvements in the status of women by the mere fact that the majority of young people graduating from colleges and universities in the Middle East are women.”There is also a rising participation of women in both the public and private sectors, and an expansion of media communications and the Internet, both of which are creating further awareness of issues related to women, ...

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