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Cross-Cultural Communications Free essay! Download now

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Cross-Cultural Communications

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Cross-Cultural Communications essay previewCross-Cultural Communications essay previewCross-Cultural Communications essay preview


Cross-Cultural Communications



Cross-Cultural Communications
COM285 Business Communications
Cross Cultural Communication
Preferred communication style
Non-verbal communication practices
Business communication norms
Strategies to increase cross-cultural communication
Region 5

Italy’s official and preferred language is Italian.
Introductions made by a third are a preference in Italy. Sports, films, opera, current events, and art are agreeable conversational topics among the Italian business population.

Italians communicate with speech and exaggerated hand gestures and facial expressions. Always maintain eye contact with the person with whom a conversation takes place with. The proximity is usually 18 inches or less; not considered an invasion of one’s space. Men, more than women are known to use hand gestures. Placing a hand on the stomach demonstrates dislike for the other person.
Many business meetings take place over lunch and refusing an invitation for a business lunch demonstrates non-commitment to the job. Italian business people prefer not to accept gifts with the customer’s logo. Unless permitted, avoid addressing a contact by their first name. Unlike the United States business person, punctuality is not required in Italy. They do; however; prefer to conduct business meetings with organizational members of a higher status. Rushing the decision-making process is viewed as insulting, as the Italians to take their time when making decisions.
Region 1

Canada is a country with bilingual preferences; French and English. Communication of promotional or marketing literature usually contains both languages in business writings.
Canadians are low keyed, direct, and reserved in their dealings. Canadians are known to be tactful, diplomatic, and punctual with business associates.

Canadians demonstrate slight signs of anger or emotions and are technically reserved. Three expressions are typical of Canadian business people: 1) sitting position is proper and straight up; 2) touching of the face demonstrates distrust; and 3) increased blinking of the eyes signals a possible closing of a business deal. Consistent eye contact and a solid handshake are expected. When both genders are attending a meeting, the woman will extend her hand first. Business titles are used and parties are known to stand in close proximity.
Most Canadians have lost the practice of “traditional hierarchical” (WordBusinessCulture, n.d.) and now prefer a more equal structure. It is acceptable to discuss business during a breakfast or lunch meal. Canadian business people prefer diplomacy and consider talking over another as a show of disrespect. Gifts may be given to signify the finalizing of a negotiation, but expensive gifts are discouraged.
Region 10

English is the official language; although more than 100 languages are spoken in Australia. The culture is considered to speak direct and “quite blunt” (WorldBusinessCulture, n.d.). Speech is quick and the use of slang is a norm in everyday communication. Good conversational subjects include sports and sightseeing.

As a show of paying attention and sincerity, direct eye contact with business ...

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