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Clean water in Haiti Free essay! Download now

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Clean water in Haiti

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Clean water in Haiti essay previewClean water in Haiti essay previewClean water in Haiti essay preview


Describes the lack of portable water in Haiti and methods of how to solve this problem.


This is a continual problem so it should be resolved immediately. The problem with having dirty drinking water is that it leads to diseases. This problem was apparent prior to the major Earthquake Haiti experienced in 2010. The aftermath of the Earthquake escalated the situation. “After the Earth Quake President Barack Obama pledged one of the biggest relief efforts in recent U.S. History and said that Haiti would not be forgotten in its hour of need…” (Melia 2010). The lack of drinking water is a major threat for all people from the survivors of that devastating earthquake, lack of drinking water can further weaken those injured and the contamination of clean drinking water can pose a threat to all. These threats can and will include the great chance of water borne diseases like Cholera, dysentery, hepatitis b, just to name a few. Many will suffer from dehydration.

Everyone will benefit from solving this problem. After the earthquake that measured approximately over 7.0 on the Richter scale, groups began to distribute bottled water as well as water purification tablets which were delivered on trucks from the Dominican Republic. More supplies were delivered by boat and planes. Not only do individuals need clean drinking water, but so do the hospitals for cleaning their equipment and to provide clean bedding. Aid groups were not just delivering water to Haiti, but also water purification equipment.
Providing clean water supply and sanitation, hygiene, and management of water resources can prevent global diseases; but in Haiti most of the water sources are contaminated with human waste because of the absence of sewage sanitation system. Regardless of the water being contaminated it is still used for cooking and drinking exposing men, women and children to the germs that cause cholera, typhoid hepatitis, chronic diarrhea, and other water-borne diseases which live in the water. In the town of Jacmel about 22% of the people who contracted the Cholera died. There were 5,000 reported deaths from cholera since the outbreak starting from October 2010, in which there were 388,950 reported cholera cases (International Action n.d).
The large proportions of these victims are children. Contaminated water is the leading cause of infant deaths and illness amongst children. Haiti has the highest infant mortality rate in the western ...

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