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Chocolate facts Free essay! Download now

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Chocolate facts

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facts about chocolate


All of the four articles are very interesting; however, they are very repetitive and have almost the same information. Articles number one and two stood out the most to me. Article number two “Chocolate and your health: the basics” has a LOT of information and interesting facts about chocolate, even about pets and chocolate. It looks like whoever made that web site has done a lot of research and I am convinced that the information provided on the web site is reliable.
Article number one is very interesting, however, I think for person like me from a program that has nothing to do with nutrition, it is a little bit difficult to understand a lot of terms like “LDL (‘bad)-cholesterol oxidation(oxidised LDL-cholesterol hurts the arteries) and plague formation on the walls of the arteries”. Nevertheless, this is the only article that provides realistic facts about lost flavanols during cocoa processing. This makes the most sense to me, because any processed fruit or vegetable loses some of its vitamins.
To conclude, I do think chocolate is very good for us in certain amounts. For example, my grandma has a special diet and it includes a little bit of dark chocolate every day and she is in a great shape. Aside from chocolate she does exercise and follows healthy lifestyle. Therefore, I am not saying that the chocolate is a magic medicine, but I do believe in some way it does help skin, or brain, or blood pressure etc...I am not going to like an article because it provides the most information to me, because anyone can choose a product, and list all the good sides of it, and not mention the side effects. Therefore, the article I choose is the article number one, because it doesn’t really try to convince me that chocolate is so good for us. I do believe that no matter how good the chocolate if for you, in our world with processed foods, a lot of good vitamins and minerals could be lost. And unlike other articles, article number one seems like it does provide more realistic information.

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