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Anorexia essay previewAnorexia essay previewAnorexia essay preview


How the media is responsible for anorexia


Individual psychotherapy is the cornerstone of treatment for anorexia nervosa, especially for people who are beyond adolescence and who are not living at home. Individual therapy provides a safe place to learn how to identify concerns, solve problems, overcome fears, and test new skills.
There are many types of individual therapy. Cognitive behavioral approaches can help to develop healthy ways of thinking and patterns of behavior, particularly with food and relationships. Other kinds of therapy emphasize important interpersonal relationships and psychological issues, such as self-esteem.
Family therapy is almost always used as part of treatment when the person with anorexia nervosa is young or living at home. Family therapy can be useful to provide information about anorexia nervosa, assess the impact of the disorder on the family, help members overcome guilt, improve communication and decision-making skills, develop strategies for coping, and develop practical strategies for overcoming the disorder.
Marital therapy is almost always valuable when the person with anorexia nervosa is married. The primary goal of marital therapy is to strengthen the relationship. It can provide practical suggestions on how to deal with the disorder. It may also help identify and resolve communication problems.
Group therapy can play an important role as part of hospital treatment, partial hospitalization or intensive day treatment. There are many different types of groups, each with different goals and orientations. Some groups are "task-oriented" and may focus on food, eating, body image, interpersonal skills, and vocational training. Other groups are aimed at understanding the psychological factors that may have led to the development and maintenance of the disorder.
‘Groups can assist in dealing with other associated emotional symptoms, such as anxiety, depression and anger. ‘Sharing experiences with others in a group can be very effective in helping reduce guilt, shame, and isolation, and can lead to important insights regarding strategies for recovery.’
Support Groups
Support groups led by non-professionals may be helpful under certain circumstances; however, it is usually best to have groups facilitated by a professional. Support groups can provide people with anorexia nervosa and their families with mutual support and advice about how to cope with the disorder. They can also prepare someone for therapy who is afraid of it. Support groups can be counterproductive if they foster an "anorexic identity" or provide peer-group support for maintaining eating disorder behaviors.
Many medications have been tried in treating anorexia nervosa. It is generally agreed that medication alone is not effective. Because depression and other emotional problems are often a result of starvation, it is best to focus on weight gain rather than medication. In addition, the effects of starvation decrease the effectiveness of antidepressants and worsen the side effects. However, occasionally, medication may be required to ...

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