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Sacramental Vision Free essay! Download now

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Sacramental Vision

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Sacramental Vision essay previewSacramental Vision essay preview


Weekly Response to Chapter 7


Weekly Response to Chapter 7: Sacramental Vision
ďGodís love is absolute.Ē God loves us unconditionally and we cannot ask for more or less. God gives his love to us everywhere, every moment in our lives. God communicates to us by his self-communication which is known as ďgraceĒ. However, there is no correct definition and correct understanding about grace. We donít speak Godís language nor do we know Godís language. Additionally, God doesnít know our languages either; therefore, the only way to help us understand God is through the other human functions that God creates us such as the physical, mental, and visual functions. When I first came to America, I didnít know English very well. Mostly, I used body language as my way of communicate to Americans. Even though, the American and I didnít speak the same language and understand the same language but we were able to understand each other by the expression in our bodies. We canít to listen to what God is telling us but we can learn Godís self-communication, grace by the actual consequences in life. When we are in love, we need to show our loves to God and also to brothers and sisters who are living in the same world like us.
Each of us has our own limit, so do God. I remember from the earlier chapter that talked about suffering. God is able take away our sufferings but he wonít because we need to be who we are. A human being need to know sufferings, so we know how to overcome it through the example of Godís Cross. It is good when we know our own limits so we can be sacramental based on our limits. God loves us no more or less, so we cannot be sacramental beyond our limits. My sacrament can be changed by time however, as today; Iím living to be sacramental. And there is one thing that never changes that we are and will be loved and protected by God. Grace will exist eternally because God never stops loving us. Nothing in this universe is unloved by God, or ungraced.
According to Himes, ďcovenant is rather bizarreĒ. To get the covenant, we have to scarify something. For example, Abraham and Sarah abandon their homeland to go to a completely different and far away from their homeland to live with the hope that their wishes will come true. If I understand it correctly, God doesnít need anything from us because Godís love is agape. Godís love is pure and full of beauty. God gives us his unconditional love in every moment that we exist in this world. Therefore, when we are scarifying, we are not doing a favor for ...

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