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Providence and Evil Free essay! Download now

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Providence and Evil

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Providence and Evil essay previewProvidence and Evil essay preview


Providence and Evil


Providence and Evil
    This essay will be about providence and evil. Before proceeding with a discussion, I feel it necessary to define what providence is. The Microsoft Encarta lists and defines providence as care or preparation in advance, foresight. It also has another definition for providence that I think ties the two together, it says that providence is Divine care and guardianship. I think both of these are relevant as I discuss the fact that God allows evils to be present and for us to learn through them by his guidance.
    In the given handout it states that God created the world knowing full well that there would one day be evil in it. The reason that God did this is because he didn’t just want to create something that was so much like him in every way. Given, we are in the likeness of God, but we were also made to develop throughout our lives with God’s guidance.
    When God created the first people, he created them physically, and along with physical beings there is always two sides, physical good and physical evil. There is only this evil present if creation has not reached perfection, so taking an educated look at this reveals that we are obviously not perfected as created beings, therefore there is still physical evil present in and around is.
    We as people are here in life to journey towards our own unique and predetermined destinies. God has set these out for us and knows the result of each one. Through each of these journeys there are going to be different ways to “travel.” We are free will beings, so there will be choices along the way that only we can make. There are of course good choices and bad, and we learn by these and they strengthen us for the road ahead, but we can go astray at times, it is by no means uncommon.
    This is where another type of evil comes into play. This evil is called moral evil. Moral evil was in no way intended for us to live through but God permits us to experience this as well because through this evil, like any other, good (through God) is derived. This is the first evidence of how God is perfectly aware of the trials we face, but gives us the choice of following Him as our guide so we do not stray as much. He is always there to watch and guide if we seek Him.
    God loves us to no end, and even though there are things present in our lives that may cause us to debate this fact, we need to look deeper into God to see why he does ...

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