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Status of Women in India Free essay! Download now

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Status of Women in India

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Status of Women in India  essay previewStatus of Women in India  essay previewStatus of Women in India  essay preview


Status of Women in India


Status of Women in India
In a country which boasts of its glorious heritage, where woman has not only enjoyed the equal status but has been described in the scriptures as more "than the better half, it has become necessary today for the Government to create special laws and enforce them rigorously to give the desired social and economic status to the women in India.
Development of Thought:
The status of women in India is a matter of serious. Concern. The violence and crime against women has been ever on increase, since independence. And so has been the perpetuation of structural and cultural inequality practiced in various forms despite the constitutional and legal guarantees aimed at equality and against discrimination in any form.
The problem is in fact deep rooted as is to be found in any patriarchal society, of which India is one of the best examples.
In the context of feministic problems, pour aspects production, reproduction, sexuality and socialization of children have been studied. In India's context males generally dominate in all the four spheres, though women carry out major responsibilities in these four areas.
The status of women in independent India occupies an important place and all efforts are being made to establish the significant role that she can play in the uplift of her own self, her family and the society at large. Not only should the removal of inequality and imbalance but improvement in the quality and standard of life of the women be our goal.
During Rig Vedic times women enjoyed a status of equality with men unsurpassed ever since Some of the features of this equality noted by historians may be briefly mentioned:- Women along with men received education, participated in popular assemblies, took part in debates (Shastrarthas) observed Bramhacharya and upanayan was reformed for them.
Studied vedas and composed hymns Ghosha, Apala, Vishvara were outstanding composers of Vedic hymns. Women rishis like Gargi and Maitreyi are well known names. Could own property and remarry.
Marriage was sacrament and monogamy was a general rule. Child marriage, sati, polyandry were unknown. However, there were some cases of polygamy among the rich. The wife was given a place of honor and participated with her husband in religious ceremonies.
The position of women deteriorated in the later Vedic period. They were denied the right of inheritance and ownership of property. The situation however had not altered altogether as they continued to have upanayan and the right to receive education.
During the Buddhist period, women were denied the right of Vedic studies if not learning altogether. The situation worsened in the real sense only since the Gupta period as dowry emerged as an institution, widow remarriage was not allowed, women had no right to property and Life ...

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