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Obama's Health Care Reform Bill Free essay! Download now

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Obama's Health Care Reform Bill

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Does Obama's Health Care Reform Bill provide a model to help us change the problems of health care in the United States?


United States Health Care Reform

United States Health Care Reform
The Health Care Reform Bill and how it will affect families and individuals in our country has become an important issue in the United States. I became interested in this topic through my dad who is a Neuro Interventional Radiologist. After coming home from work at the hospital, he would watch the news, as they would discuss this new bill. I would also listen to the reporters talk about this topic and how it will “revolutionize” our nation. Just from listening to the news and talking with my dad, I had a few suppositions and I knew some of the causes that led up to creating this reform. Many Americans are suffering from the economy and sixteen percent are uninsured because they are not able to afford Health Care coverage. Insurance companies have to increase costs for those who have private health insurance to pay those who cannot afford individual coverage and citizens on Medicare and Medicaid. One day in my Algebra class, my teacher, Mr. Jenkins was teaching us the compound interest formula, and he showed us a website that had a chart of Insurance rates and costs that depend on several factors such as your age. It showed how insurance costs were definitely increasing and I started to think of the impact this had on the people in our country. I believe that most Americans have the understanding that everyone should have at least basic access to health care-if possible. Of course health care is becoming very expensive for a number of reasons. The economic and political impact for individuals, families, and our nation has become a vital concern. This issue is particularly complex because it incorporates so many aspects of our lives that are extremely important to us as individuals and as a society. Health care access and quality for families and ourselves is one of the most important things in our personal lives. Public awareness of the need for discussion and reform is as high as it has ever been.
Does this Health Care Reform Bill provide a model to help us change the problems of health care in the United States? Throughout my research, I will attempt to the answer this question based on the relevant issues for health reform and include discussions on moral/ethical access and quality issues as well as the economic reality related to this topic. Of course, politics plays a large role in this process; however, it is my opinion that this process and problem is too difficult and complex for a “simple” political approach. This will require a consensus only after all the issues have been considered in detail.

Certainly, ...

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