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Clash of civilization or the end of history Free essay! Download now

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Clash of civilization or the end of history

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Clash of civilization or the end of history essay previewClash of civilization or the end of history essay previewClash of civilization or the end of history essay preview


Clash of civilizations of the end of history. Which theory is right to explain international affairs after The Cold war


The Cold War ended with the victory of United States who was on behalf of Liberal Democracies and the collapse of Soviet Union who was on behalf of Communism. As a result, Liberal Democracies has become the most popular system of government in the world until now. It is one of the main reasons explain why countries has had less and less significant conflicts. However, after the end of the Cold War, almost significant conflicts have occurred because of different religious and cultural identities. In order to argue Liberal Democracy would be the final form of human governance, Francis Fukuyama released “The end of history and the last man” in 1992 which was immediately becoming popular and controversial to worldwide politicians and readers. In respond Francis Fukuyama, Samuel P. Huntington released “Clash of civilisations and remaking of world order”, which showed that cultural and religious identities would be the main source of conflicts. Two different theories, which theory would be the best in order to analyse or describe international events since the end of the Cold War? The arguments surrounding such issues will hence be discussed in this essay.
“Clash of Civilisations” theory was first proposed in a “Foreign Affairs” article titled “The Clash of Civilisation” (1993) by Samuel Phillips Huntington, who was an American political scientist. From this article, in the final sentence, Huntington wrote “clashes of civilizations are the greatest threat to world peace, and an international order based on civilizations is the surest safeguard against world war”. He stated that “In this world the most pervasive, important and dangerous conflicts will not be between social classes, rich and poor or other economically defined group, but between people belonging to different cultural entities”. Moreover, he classified competing civilisations based on cultural entities into seven groups which are Western, Sinic, Orthodox, Hindu, Islamic, African, Latin and Japanese. Huntington also offered the possibility that African could be an eight.
Secondly, he strongly believed that Sinic civilisation will become the most powerful civilisation in the world and China will become the strongest state. This might lead to confrontations with the West. In addition, he argued that China would cooperate more closely with Islamic civilisation due to the fact that they both have common interests such as: anti-the West and national interests. Islamic has 1.57 million adherents, representing 23% of world population according to Pew Research Center (2009) and its population is still growing and having more supports. Therefore, significant conflicts would be clash between Islamic and Western. In fact, after the Cold War, there have been a number of significant conflicts between Islamic and Western. One of the most notable conflicts is al-Qaeda launched attacks on the World Trade Center in ...

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