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Personal Responsibility Free essay! Download now

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Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility essay previewPersonal Responsibility essay previewPersonal Responsibility essay preview


This essay explains the impact of being responsible on your life and success in your education.


Personal Responsibility

When we take responsibility, we admit we are responsible for the choices we make no one else is responsible for the way we think and feel and for the choices we make. It is our life, and we are in control of the choices we make. No, we are not always responsible for all that happens to us, but we are responsible for how we think, feel, and act when they happen. Even though most people dont want to admit this fact, there is no way around it, We all make mistakes. The question is, are we willing to admit to them and do what it takes to make them right? Ask yourself this question do you hold yourself accountable for your actions and are you willing to accept responsibility?
Something you have to learn is how to hold yourself accountable for what results from your actions. There is no way you can control the actions of others you can only be accountable for your own choices and actions. So you have to take the steps to learn how to realize when you have made a mistake so you can quickly regroup and make what was wrong right. Some steps you can take to do this are; be open to new ideas or concepts about life and the human condition, recognize that you choose your responses to the people, actions and events in your life, release anger, fear, blame, mistrust, and insecurity, and reorganize your priorities and goals. We know we have to hold ourselves accountable, so how do we know when we have made a mistake or done something wrong. That is really up to each of us to decide for ourselves because what feels right for me may not feel right for you. We can also learn from the people in our lives. If someone tells you that you have made a mistake or done them harm you have to take a moment to think about what your actions have caused. Because people who have not accepted personal responsibility, believe its not my fault I am the way I am. (Lawson, 2011). Because being responsible in your life is very important to your family, if you are not responsible your family could suffer in such ways as; losing your home, not being able to pay your bills, or not being able to put food ...

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