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Death Sentence- For or Against Free essay! Download now

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Death Sentence- For or Against

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Death Sentence- For or Against


Why are some people for the death penalty? Some people agree that capital punishment permanently removes the worst criminals from society and is much safer for the rest of us as they cannot commit further crimes, either in prison, escaping prison or being released from it. The rates for unlawful killings in Britain have doubled since the abolition of capital punishment. The home office issued figures over the years have shown the increase form 300 in 1964, which rose to 565 in 1994 and 833 in 2004. Many government MPs agree that capital punishment should be reintroduced because of the cost saying that they feel that they should spend more money on the old, sick and the young on food and medical care than the long term imprisonment of murders, rapists etc. They also say that criminals should really pay for their crimes than “rehabilitive” treatment over the old fashioned saying “An eye for an eye”. Let us examine this subject from a different opinion.

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