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Metallica concert report Free essay! Download now

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Metallica concert report

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Metallica concert report essay previewMetallica concert report essay preview


Metallica concert report on Monterrey


Carlos Garcia 11/10/10
Music: an Appreciation
''Metallica: On Tour'' was the name of the tour and I went to Monterrey, NL at Estadio Universitario to watch the show. Metallica is famous for being one of the longest-lasting and influential bands in history. It is unlikely that an artist continues to produce the same- sounding music for over twenty years.
The stadium was full we were far from the stage, but close enough to actually see them. The lights, fireworks and amazing sound they have made it an incredible experience even though i'm not a huge heavy metal fan. In this essay, I will tak about the songs “One” from Metallica’s 1883 album titled ''..And Justice for All'' that is one of the most famous songs and “The End of the Line” from the ''Death Magnetic'' album that for me is one of the few new songs that bring back that head-banger sound that made Metallica famous. The instrumentation for both songs is the same. They have a lead guitar, a rhythm guitarist, a bass guitar, and drums.
Both “One” and “The End of the Line” have complex forms with multiple guitar solos and introductions, but ''One'' is the most complex piece i've heard from Metallica cause it has five intro sections in a row followed by a verse, a chorus, another verse, then a transition, followed by long form of the chorus. The first introduction in “One” are noises of war, like a helicopter, granades, gun shots and men screaming. “One” has a dynamic contrast that starts out even, but later grows into an explosion of sound which lasts throughout the entire second half of the song. It has a few monophonic and polyphonic parts throught the song. The melody of the verses are very linear, following a predictable pattern.
The verses have a ...

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