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Concert report

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music concert sample - Hong Kong Musician Association


Concert report

Recently , I attend a concert which is organized by the Hong Kong Musician Association. The name of the concert is called the “Hong Kong (Asian Pacific) Piano.
The performance is actually done by the winners of various renowned competitions, including winners from the senior classes and open classes. The concert is split into two halves. After the 10-minute intermission, there are two performances, one is done by the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra and the other one is done by the Golden Prize Winner of Open Class with Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra.
The concert started off with a speech given by Professor John Howard , the Director of London College of Music. A lot of high quality music could be heard form the performers. I was surprised that I didn’t find the performance boring at all. Instead , I really appreciate the effort which they had put in to make the performance a success. The, tone, together with the speed of the songs were meticulously managed .I have never heard a piece of music which can be expressed in such a emotional way, yet so comfortable to hear.
On the other hand, I was also impressed by the performance of the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra. The music played by the orchestra is soothing and makes me to rethink about the power of music. Before I attend the concert, I was completely exhausted as I had been attending tutorial lessons for nearly the whole day. I would have fallen a sleep if I was not enchanted by the tone of the music. It seems that I was “recharged’ after attending the concert simply by listening to those music performed by the orchestra and the winners of various competitions.
All in all, the concert was well-organized, though there had been a delay , but this surely will not affect our mood of appreciating the music. I do think that it is worth attending this concert .As the proverbs says, ”Practice makes perfect”, I hope that I can play the piano as skillfully as they are .

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