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Advantages and Disadvantages of Music [santosh gauchan] Free essay! Download now

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Music [santosh gauchan]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Music [santosh gauchan] essay preview


Advantages and Disadvantages of Music [santosh gauchan]


Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Music.
The definition of music is hard to say. It varies from people to people. While some may say that music is nothing more then the merging of different sounds, I believe that music is of a greater meaning to life. I am sure to say that music is one of the oldest forms of entertainment to us, humans. Music has been dated back to the 7000 BC where the people us to drill holes in hollow bones to create flutes. One example of a flute is the Japanese shakuhachi which is blown at one end. Thus, as I have said so far, music has been in our blood the day humans came into light. Music has certainly changed over the past centuries but the main reason for creating music is still the same. And that is just for the pleasure of hearing a beautiful sound which is art at its purest form. However, music has certain aspects which are both advantage and disadvantage to our society and our bodies as well.
Music has certain advantages on the society and the body as well. Like for example, music is particularly helpful to autistic students who have difficulty interacting with classmates and teachers. These people also get agitated in noisy, changeable environments. These people take music therapy which they respond very well to. This helps them remain calm under stress and also socialize better. Music is also said to maximize learning potential by stimulating both left and right side of the brain. This has been proven by medical tests on pregnant women. A group of pregnant women were told to listen to music such as the harp, piano and other slow peaceful music while a control group was asked not to listen to any forms of music. The result show that the children of the pregnant women who listened to music were more intelligent then the children of the control group. This shows the advantage of music on the human body.
Music is also helpful in boosting the economy. As we all know, the music industry is one of the biggest in the world. With the sales of artists’ albums, live performances and advertisements, millions of dollar attributes to the country’s gross domestic profit (GDP). Music also has an impact on our society. One famous musician, the late Michael Jackson’s, “Heal the World” and “Black or White” has changed people’s mindset to take action against poverty and racial discrimination. Due to these songs, governments have stepped up actions by giving food aids to the poor and also enforcing laws on equality. Thus, our economy and society also gain from music.
However, music has disadvantages on our lives and ...

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