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fight club plot - Chuck Palahniuk Free essay! Download now

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fight club plot - Chuck Palahniuk

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fight club plot - Chuck Palahniuk essay previewfight club plot - Chuck Palahniuk essay previewfight club plot - Chuck Palahniuk essay preview


fight club


Fight Club is a novel written by Chuck Palahniuk and published in 1996 by W.W. Norton & Company Inc. The novel became a bestseller and was adapted into a feature film three years later by 20th Century Fox Corporation. The film was directed by David Fincher and stars Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter. Fight Club is a well written, deep piece about society and its regulation with the middle and upper class of America. Both the film and the novel have become a popular addition in pop culture because of its success.
The plot of the novel centers on the unnamed protagonist who is trapped in the world of large corporations, condominium living, and all the money he needs to spend on useless housewares and furniture that he needs to define him as a person. He narrates the novel in first person as if it were a memoir of his own life. The Narrator works for a car company as an organizer for product recalls. His job requires him to go on fairly disturbing business trips where he sees the aftermaths of car accidents and has to determine whether the product meets cost-benefit analysis. The Narrator's frequent trips cause the him to feel distorted with the time zones which throws him into deep insomnia. This leads the Narrator to go through fake identities at support groups. He finds the crying sessions at the meetings allow him to sleep at night, knowing that people like former bodybuilder named Bob listen and understand his problems. The nightly support group meetings become a depending addiction in order to sleep. His experience is soon ruined by Marla Singer, who reflects his "tourism" and the fact that he truly fakes his illnesses. Seeing that she too is a tourist makes the Narrator aggravated and distracted, making it hard for him to cry. With Marla Singer appearing at every session, including testicular cancer, the Narrator's insomnia begins to reoccur. After the Narrator arrives back from another business trip, he discovers his apartment on fire. His precious IKEA furniture and all of his belongings have been destroyed in a mysterious explosion. With no one to call, he turns to Tyler Durden, whom he had met during a vacation trip. Tyler identifies the cause for the Narrator's desperation: he is a victim of a feminized consumer culture. Tyler's therapy is simple, he helps the Narrator fix the imbalance in his own life by making him feel like a real man through fighting. Together they establish a fight club for men, as an underground way to express rage and living on the edge, to feel alive by approaching death. As the club's membership grows, Tyler steals the ...

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